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Gator Citrus

Florida Fresh to You

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Our Mission

Every August to March, we partner with small and medium farmers from Southwest Florida to get the finest, juiciest citrus fresh to you. 


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Our Products

Pink Fleshed Pummelo

Available September to February packed and sized in bins or 4/5 cartons.

Sugar Belle Tangerines

Available November and December. Seedless, very sweet. and packed and sized in 1/2  bu and  7/10 bu cartons.

Emerald Gold Tangerines

Available December to January. Seedless, very tasty. Packed and sized in 1/2 bu and 7/10 bu cartons.

Red Grapefruit

Available October to February packed and sized in 7/10 bu cartons.

Other Citrus

Hamlins, Valencias, Navals, Lemons and Limes packed and sized.

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Florida Fresh

We are a proud partner of the Fresh from Florida campaign. We pride ourselves in getting our fruit from our trees to you in days.


Maximize your Vitamin C to stay healthy!

Each piece of fruit is a small Vitamin C factory.  From protection against immune system deficiencies, to reducing cardiovascular disease, Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial nutrients to humans.

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Our location 

LaBelle, Florida 33935

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