Gator Citrus

Florida Fresh to You

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Our Mission

Every August to March, we partner with small and medium farmers from Southwest Florida to get the finest, juiciest citrus fresh to you. 



Our Products

Pink Fleshed Pummelo

Available September to February packed and sized in bins or 4/5 cartons.

Sugar Belle Tangerines

Available November and December. Seedless, very sweet. and packed and sized in 1/2  bu and  7/10 bu cartons.

Emerald Gold Tangerines

Available December to January. Seedless, very tasty. Packed and sized in 1/2 bu and 7/10 bu cartons.

Red Grapefruit

Available October to February packed and sized in 7/10 bu cartons.

Other Citrus

Hamlins, Valencias, Navals, Lemons and Limes packed and sized.


Florida Fresh

We are a proud partner of the Fresh from Florida campaign. We pride ourselves in getting our fruit from our trees to you in days.


Maximize your Vitamin C to stay healthy!

Each piece of fruit is a small Vitamin C factory.  From protection against immune system deficiencies, to reducing cardiovascular disease, Vitamin C is one of the most beneficial nutrients to humans.


Our location 

LaBelle, Florida 33935